SacAnime Summer 17 SLIDER

Feature: SacAnime Summer 2017 Write-Up

After a year of not leaving his house aside from the ocassional excursion to Taco Bell, Adeki ventured out into the wilderness known as downtown Sacramento to attend SacAnime Summer 2017. Read his feature-length report on the adventure here!

Feature: Summer of Smash II: The Rematch

The annual summer brings back the Smash Bros. tournament, to be held at the end of July, with prizes including livestreamed games, poetry, and the traditionally miserable Lusireview--and now with EPIC MILESTONES! Do Nate or Donate!

Feature: SacAnime Summer 2016 Write-Up

Adeki took three days out of his busy schedule of eating tacos to attend an anime convention known as SacAnime. As a gift to the readers of this site, he kept notes and decided to write up the splendors and atrocities he witnessed. To know more, read on!
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