Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Art 01 - FEATURED

News: TDT News Direct Mini

The Xenoblade Summer playthrough is on like Donkey Kong, a Bravely Default 2 demo has been released on Switch, and there are a number of additional Switch announcements in the news of the week!
Anthem - Art 01 - FEATURED

News: V for Victory

The PS5 struggles with price, the PS5 also struggles with style, and Wizards of the Coast are just openly recruiting Bioware defectors now in the news of the week!
Final Fantasy VII Remake Roche Screenshot 1 FEATURED

News: A Second Reprieve

Square Enix offers to cancel your Final Fantasy VII Remake pre-order, the Chinese coronavirus sees sales of Plague Inc. soar, and developers are more interested in making games for PS5 than Series X in the news of the week!
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