News: Japanese Potpourri

SquareEnix’s Neverending Circle-Jerk

This week, two of the Squeenix producers frustrated their devout Final Fantasy fans for what seems like the billionth time. At the end of January, Tetsuya Nomura of Final Fantasy VII fame declared that the hallmark of the series will not be receiving a remake…

News: Hollywood Likes Raping Japan

Ghost in the Hell that is America

If you have not heard already, the classic anime Ghost in the Shell is going to be turned into a Hollywood movie by Dreamworks Studios. We all have seen the disaster that occurs when studios try to make anime and video games into live-action features. How many of you will burst …

News: Deformed Lolis Need Love Too!

Now presenting the New-and-Improved Saturday News! …What, today is Friday? So I already fucked up? DAMMIT!

Actually, this was a deliberate action. Due to a temporary schedule rearrangement, the news of the week will be posted today, Friday January 29th. All future Saturday news po…

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