MAP Episode 38: Your First Giveaway announces its first-ever game giveaway and the result of its first-ever plebiscite. Dragon Age: Origins, Final Fantasy XIII, Left 4 Dead 2, Trine, and Tales of Vesperia all make headlines--and so does Oliver Motok's love for the ladyboys!

MAP Episode 37: Spookycast

Nate "I'm a Banana" Liles and Ginia "Cheese!? Where!?" Herrell team up to bring you spookycast against the wishes of their betters (Lusipurr). A Wii baby-shaking game can't save the system from financial meltdown, and the PS3 proves overwhelming popular!

MAP Episode 36: Critic-cast

The panel examines the best video games (and worst movies) of all time, whilst Nate Liles claims he is twelve years old, and the Alliance is lambasted for championing the causes of annoying children everywhere. Nyah, nyah, nyah!

MAP Episode 35: Microphone Misadventure

Lane makes his first appearance on the podcast and experiences first-hand the joys of Lusipurr's many software problems. Meanwhile, Nate finally starts to play Final Fantasy VII, just in time for the end of Revisiting the Lifesteam. Argh!

MAP Episode 34: The Great Podcast Marathon

Lusipurr and Ethan are exhausted after an entire day podcasting. Ginia tries to cheer them up by talking about her WoW characters, but this only serves to drive Ethan mad. Suddenly, Lusipurr sees a penis! What will happen next? Listen to find out!

MAP Episode 33: Oktoberkast

The Podcast returns from a technology-enforced holiday with a (nearly) full-staff, special, double-length, deluxe edition--complete with German Beer! Bust out the pretzels, crank up the polka, don your alpine hat and lederhosen, and listen now!

MAP Episode 32: Ethan’s RacistCast

Lusipurr, Ethan, and Ginia show a decidedly anti-minority bent in this outrageously racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted podcast. Their ignorance doesn't stop them rolling the Katamari, though! Na-nanana-nananana-na-nana-nanana!

MAP Episode 31: Voices in My Head

With new recording software ready so as to avert the potential danger of further lost podcasts, a new question arises: what happens when Lusipurr is distracted by the sound of his own voice? The answer is contained within.

MAP Episode 29: Return of the Montok

Just when you thought it was safe to listen to the podcast, Oliver Motok rears his ugly head. Join the panel as they discuss 2009's "Day of Releases", featuring Dissidia and Batman: Arkham Asylum. Also: More Ricdic!

MAP Episode 28: Ashes 2009

Lusipurr, Bup, and Ginia quail before a mountain of late Summer releases, but still have courage enough to face news including Water in LittleBigPlanet, Modern Warfare 2 Preorders, and the announcement of a third WoW expansion!
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