MAP Episode 26: The Sims

Lusipurr tries a novel 'discussion-free' approach to avoiding podcast derailment, only to be defeated by the combined distractive might of Nate and Ginia. Somehow, the news is covered anyway. Tell your friends!

MAP Episode 25: Twilightcast

Lusipurr, Nate Liles, and Virginia Herrell discuss all things Twilight-related, with special attention to the relationship of Edward Cullen (vampire) and Isabella Swan (emo girl). Listen for all the sparkly details!

MAP Episode 23: Goodbye, Riddlethos!

Lusipurr finally fires Oliver and Ethan in this overstuffed podcast, chock-a-block with news of every variety. Oliver won't shut up, and Ethan is a pansy. The result: termination, effective immediately. Good riddance!

MAP Episode 21: Summer 2009 Spectacular's staff gathers together and travels to Cedar Point; then returns to Castle Lusipurr to discuss, in person, the news and events of the week preceding. Bonus: Lusipurr proves there IS such a thing as a free lunch!

MAP Episode 20: Nate’s Musical Face

Nate displays his amazing face-based music; the panel fails to discuss things of importance; Final Fantasy IX comes to an excellent conclusion; and listeners learn what they can expect from the Summer Fiesta '09. It's all here, except for what isn't!
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