Pokemon Ultra Sun Box Art

Review: Pokemon Ultra Sun

The first four generations of Pokemon games each had a special edition that was released later with additional features. Did this game make Imitanis want to catch em' all? Read on to find out!
Destiny 2 EU PS4 Box Art

Review: Destiny 2

Woland wades into the sun-blasted ruins of Mercury, through time-gates and simulations, in his quest to find the perfect words which will encapsulate the Destiny 2 experience. But whether the experience is an enjoyable one is another matter entirely.
Batman: Arkham Knight EU Box Art

Review: Batman: Arkham Knight

Adeki dons his Batsuit only to find out it does not fit whatsoever. So, in order to cheer himself he played Batman: Arkham Knight, the final title in the Arkham series! Does this bat soar through the city? Or does it crash into a building? Read on!
Mario Odyssey Box Art

Review: Super Mario Odyssey

Durga returns with yet another weekly... no wait, what is this? It appears that a cap has landed on Durga's head and is forcing him against his will to play a game instead of watching an anime, and give his thoughts on that! read on for a... Game Review!?
Headlander Box Art

Review: Headlander

Whoops! It looks like Adeki's Headless Horseman costume went a little too far and now his head popped off! In order to figure out how to make himself whole again Adeki is recounting his experiences with the game Headlander. Might as well review it too!
Sonic Mania Box Art

Review: Sonic Mania

Finally, the game that Adeki has been waiting to be released ever since its surprise announcement last year. Sonic Mania has been released and now it is time to determine whether or not the Blue Blur makes it to the finish line or falls flat on his face.
Castlevania SLIDER

Anime Review: Castlevania

Join Durga as he puts off starting the summer season for one more month, as something much more pressing has come up: a new video game adaptation! Can Castlevania hold a candle to the game series, or will it be a major whip in the face to fans?
Mass Effect Paragon Lost SLIDER

Anime Review: Mass Effect: Paragon Lost

Join Durga as this week he dives into a review of Mass Effect! The movie! Surprised to hear such a thing exists? Well, do not be worried, nobody else apparently seems to know about it either. Is it trash? Read on to find out!
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