TSM Episode 567: Poo Ahoy!

By Caspius
Golden Poo SLIDER

Caspius, Imitanis, and SiliconNooB announce the worst game, company, and hardware of 2019, and find their decision surprisingly easy. Also, the Final Fantasy VII leak is analysed, PS5 details are revealed, and a game is awarded to a well-deserving reader!

TSM Episode 566: Xbox Nein!

By Caspius
Microsoft XBox Series X FEATURED

With the design of a 1990s subwoofer, the Xbox Series X–now called simply ‘Xbox’–is unveiled by Microsoft to the consternation of Caspius and SiliconNooB, who wonder if there is a German reason why companies shy away from releasing ‘version 9’ products.

TSM Episode 565: Final Fantasy Filler

By Caspius
Final Fantasy VII Remake Roche Screenshot 1 FEATURED

Caspius and SiliconNooB examine the latest release of Square Enix propaganda related to the Final Fantasy VII Remake, including new (terrible) characters, Aerith’s combat details, Heidegger’s weight-loss plan, and the conspicuous absence of Red XIII.