TSM Episode 312: People of Walmart

When England goes down to one of the worst defeats in ODI history, SiliconNoob, Imitanis, and Mel rush to console Lusipurr with pictures from Wal*Mart. Traumatised, the Dear Leader takes to his bed. But worse, Scottish defeats loom just around the corner.

Preview: Godus

22Cans have released an early access beta of Godus on Steam. Has Peter made any lofty promises this time around, or are we witnessing the rebirth of the god game? Find out inside.

Editorial: What Was in the Cube?

Imitanis tried destroying cubelets, but quickly got bored. Other players were in for the long haul, erasing millions daily. One lucky player clicked the last brick and was awarded..... something. What was in the cube? Read on to find out!