TSM Episode 84: Oliver Says Hello

By Caspius
Mayonnaise!? Bees!? Not another day!

When Imitanis and SiliconNooB try to end the podcast on a depressing note, Lusipurr steps in to save the listeners from lasting psychiatric damage. With a few buttons, Riddles is summoned and, with Eeyore-like complacency, he duly satisfies Lusi’s whims.

TSM Episode 81: Everyone Is a Winner

By Caspius
YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED... to display your certified, signed invitation, or else to remove yourself from the premises before I set the dogs on you.

The lucky drawing takes place with a free game going to one lucky Lusipurr.com donator, with only six entrants eligible in the drawing! Also, SiliconNooB and Lusipurr note the continuing violent games controversy by violently expelling ‘Paradise Gas’.

TSM Episode 80: Into History

By Caspius
WHY are they still recording? WHY!? This is terrible!

In the final podcast of 2012–and Lusipurr.com’s 200th recorded podcast–Lusipurr and SiliconNooB are forced once again to report upon Nintendo’s misdeeds. Also, Tony Greig and the PS2 both begin the long walk from the present into the pages of history.

TSM Episode 79: White Holiday Guilt

By Caspius
This picture, every year. Every, single year.

Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Imitanis simply cannot stop oppressing the poor, unfortunate people of the world. Their imperialist, dogmatic, patriarchial attitudes are rightly punished when their holiday is struck from the calendar. So… happy Saturnalia!

TSM Episode 77: Gambling the Wicket

By Caspius
Celes is the best.

On the last day of the third England v. India test in Calcutta, Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, Deimosion, and Blitzmage lay bets on when the final run will come. Lusipurr discusses how to read books, Mega Man games are covered, and apparently there’s a feature?

TSM Episode 75: The Tears of Molyneux

By Caspius

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB prepare for the upcoming Final Fantasy VI playthrough with news stories about Peter ‘Crocodile Tears’ Molyneux, the Australian and English Cricket teams take a number of wickets, and Levy Pants adopts a newly bellicose demeanour.