TSM Episode 114: Corporal Punishment

England battle it out in London at The Oval, despite the weather, Australian Captain Clarke, and the laments of SiliconNooB (all-rounder-at-large). Imitanis dozes quietly whilst Lusipurr recites the most stirring piece of verse in his sizeable repertoire.

News: More hUMA than hUMA

Sony tech leaves Microsoft in poor hUMA, Ouya produces the single most pointless advert in the history of gaming, and a butthurt Microsoft responds to Sony in the news of the week!

News: The Ill Spectre of Gaming

Warren Spector hates on violent games because he cannot get his own bad games funded, Dennis Dyack is up to his jowls in corporate crime, and Sony are not expecting any major fiscal pain from the launch of PS4 in the news of the week.

TSM Episode 64: Reality and Fantasy

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB are forced to have 'the talk' with Blitzmage, in which the older and wiser instruct the younger as to the realities of existence, and the fact that Final Fantasy is just a video game. Also: Metroid on the WiiU, and AMD everywhere.