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Anime: Autumn 2017, Weeks 5 and 6

Join Durga as he explores the fifth week of the Autumn anime season! As the halfway point of the season quickly approaches, and with one series already dust in the wind, read on to see if any show has made its mark yet!
Ditch Digging SLIDER

TSM Episode 454: Shovels and Sharks

In response to a collapse of morality in the world of EVE Online, Lusipurr outlines his plan to bring jobs and security to the country, Adeki and SiliconNooB present NintendoNews, Durga summarises the anime season, and Imitanis reports on Blizzcon.
Black Clover SLIDER

Anime: Autumn 2017, Week 4

Join Durga as he covered the fourth week of the Autumn 2017 season for anime! Is it good? Is it bad? Only one way to find out! Special weekend posts continue through this and next week so be sure to tune in!
Sengoku Night Blood SLIDER

Anime: Autumn 2017, Weeks 2 and 3

Join Durga as he dives back into the weekly (sort of) anime review series for the Autumn 2017 season! A brief hiatus for a convention and sickness was taken but we are back on track now, so let the review continue!
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TSM Episode 451: The Board Game Podcast

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB are joined by two other people to discuss ethical game design, South Africa's T20 league, the autumn anime season, vintage board games, fair and competitive business practises, and Lusipurr's approach to ending relationships.
Ancient Magus Bride SLIDER

Anime: Autumn 2017 Season, Week 1

The Autumn anime season has arrived and with it the first in the series of reviews. Durga dives into four new anime series, all of which seem to involve magic. Nazis, fairies, mages, grimoires, and vampires, what will the season hold?
Final Fantasy XV Cookout SLIDER

TSM Episode 450: Exploitation by Sponsorship

When Adeki's rumpled ROEN clothing suggests that he is famished, Imitanis and SiliconNooB open the spacious boot of their AUDI automobile to find the COLEMAN cookstove stored there by Lusipurr, and they then cook up a hearty meal of NISSIN CUP NOODLE.
SacAnime Summer 17 SLIDER

Feature: SacAnime Summer 2017 Write-Up

After a year of not leaving his house aside from the ocassional excursion to Taco Bell, Adeki ventured out into the wilderness known as downtown Sacramento to attend SacAnime Summer 2017. Read his feature-length report on the adventure here!
Gamers SLIDER 1

Anime: Summer 2017 Weeks 4 and 5

Durga returns with another double post after a brief hiatus to visit another staff member and record something awful. Luckily, the anime did not go anywhere in his absence and is ready and willing to be reviewed!
Saiyuki SLIDER

Anime: Summer 2017 Week 1, 2, and 3

The Summer season is upon us, and as such the weekly review series returns! Unfortunately for Durga, this season is a couple weeks in already. That means a very long post and a lot of anime to watch! Will Durga manage to review everything coherently?
Castlevania SLIDER

Anime Review: Castlevania

Join Durga as he puts off starting the summer season for one more month, as something much more pressing has come up: a new video game adaptation! Can Castlevania hold a candle to the game series, or will it be a major whip in the face to fans?
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