News: Apology Accepted?

By Biggs
Sony Bowing

If you are one of the many fans who come to for its vast quantities of weeaboo bullshit, then you probably know a little bit about Japanese culture and humility. If you know nothing about Japan, let me enlighten your ignorant mind: bowing is srs bzns. So when Sony’s second-in-command, Kazuo Hirai, along with […]

MAP Episode 113: Goodbup

By Caspius
Now what will we do with all of our extra macaroni cheese?

Nate ‘Bup’ Liles bids the site a fond adieu, replete with farts on a scale never-before-heard. The rest of the panel assembles to bid him well, including special guests Ginia and Reetin. Now I can finally have a proper website again. Ha ha! HA HA! HAHAHA!

News: Candy Versus Jesus

By Biggs
Cadbury Cream WAT

Happy Easter, citizens of! Have you stapled your savior to some wood and celebrated with sugar-coated marshmallows? No? Why not?! While we are talking about the Zombie Jesus, what video game franchises experienced a rebirth this week? As I already blathered on and on about last week, Portal 2 was released a few hours […]

Editorial: Anonymous Declare War on Sony!

By SiliconNooB

Do you have sensitive financial details stored on PSN? You might want to remove them about now-ish. Why, you ask? Because hacktivist group Anonymous have signaled their intent to deliver unto Sony the tough Internet justice they so richly deserve. And also because Sony store your details in plain text files, as per the discovery […]