TSM Episode 525: Man from Nantucket

By Caspius
Deadly Towers Screenshot 5 FEATURED

When SiliconNooB gives his Australiaitis to Imitanis, the podcast panel is once again reduced to two players. Lusipurr discusses the necessity of challenge in games and wider culture, whilst SN engages in some Nantucket-based poetry appreciation.

Editorial: Pixel Fantasy 76800

By Seb
Doing more at 256x224 than any modern game could ever hope to match.

Sony’s PlayStation brought us epic, multi-disc RPGs, but the technical limitations of the system resulted in games that do not look as good today. Conversely, SNES titles often look very good on modern displays, leading to this resolution exploration.

TSM Episode 376: Marble Butts

By Caspius
Note ye the smoothnesse and pertnesse, whych verily doth enspire the mind of the beholder to hygher thyngs and full of pith withal.

A boozed-up SiliconNooB nearly comes to blows with Lusipurr over a question of the elitist interpretation of art. Meanwhile, rumours suggest Nintendo’s NX is designed to play mobile apps, Capcom learns a lesson, and Lancelot is driven to his wits’ end.

Editorial: Games as Art

By Ethos
Also, awesome.

Ethos opens up an old wound to throw his hat into the “game as art” debate ring. Does he have anything new to add, or is he just beating a dead horse? Read on, decide, then comment. In that order!

TSM Episode 71: Zoltan’s Reading Room

By Caspius
Actually, Ignatius Reilly is the intellect of Lusipurr with the physicality and comportment of Bup.

When The Legendary Zoltan lets it be known that he does not appreciate the triviality of Lusipurr’s reading material, the panel devises a better way to bring culture to the masses: a fourteen-week tour de force of the 20th century’s seminal comedic novel.

TSM Episode 10: Graphic Art

By Caspius

Reetin is flying high, Enrei is soft on the eyes, Blitzmage is simplified, Breaka is getting a redesign, and Lusipurr doesn’t want these hats. Companies sue each other as Summer ends, whereas Valve treats protesters to a free lunch, tour, and playtest!

News: Yo Homes, To Bel-Air!

By Biggs
Woll Smoth

Brought to You By… Now this is a story all about how a young man’s life got flipped, turned upside down. In west Philadelphia born and raised, behind a PlayStation was how he spent most of his days, chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool, and all shooting some noobs in a duel. When a couple […]

News: Prancin’ Aboot With Yer Heads Full’a Eyeballs

By Biggs

Gamers Threw A Tantrum, Ebert Gave In We may not have gotten candy or a new toy, but after much screaming and pounding our fists on the ground, the gaming community got what it wanted: Roger Ebert shutting the hell up. In his latest journal entry on the Chicago Sun-Times website, he writes: I was […]