MAP Episode 58: Get Your Crush On

By Caspius
All this can be yours for only $53.70 an hour!

Eric Jordan makes a long overdue return just in time to cover the final week of the Final Fantasy XIII feature. Then, following a discussion of gaming wank firm GameCrush, Nate Liles falls suspiciously silent. Ginia and Lusi suspect the worse–and rejoice

MAP Episode 41: Worst Podcast Ever

By Caspius

What are we thankful for? NOTHING. Nate seizes control and the news is left unattended in favour of speculation about the plot of Twilight. Lusipurr tries to get the show back on track, but finds it is like beating his head against a wall. Literally.

MAP Episode 33: Oktoberkast

By Caspius

The Podcast returns from a technology-enforced holiday with a (nearly) full-staff, special, double-length, deluxe edition–complete with German Beer! Bust out the pretzels, crank up the polka, don your alpine hat and lederhosen, and listen now!

Editorial: Sequels that Better Not Drop the Ball

By Riddles

Ah, sequels. You gotta love ’em. I’ve written about bad sequels before, and now I’m going to do the opposite in a way, and talk about five upcoming sequels that I’m hoping won’t suck. BioShock 2 Yeah, yeah… I know this game likely won’t see release this year (although a calendar 2010 release has not […]

MAP Episode 10: MasterChef’s DSCast

By Caspius

Our special guest joins the panel as we begin a two-week investigation into handheld gaming. The Nintendo DS is discussed whilst the DSi receives both scorn and praise. Finally, blockbuster news rounds out the equation. Listen now!

MAP Episode 9: Easter Podcast 2009

By Caspius

Lusipurr and Oliver assemble the absentee panelists Nate and Ethan using whatever means necessary for some discussion and Easter music. Fat Princess, XNA, and the frustrations caused by Japan-only releases are chronicled in this special holiday podcast!