TSM Episode 408: An Unexpected Party

By Caspius
Christmas Tree SLIDER

Lusipurr.com finally numerically surpasses CatFancy on Australian Christmas Day. And with the dawning of Christmas in the east (or west, if you prefer), Lusipurr and SiliconNooB enjoy a conversational ramble through anime, video games, and Cricket.

TSM Episode 301: Banned in Oz

By Caspius
But, this year, there will be no joy beneath the tree for little fans of Grand Theft Auto.

With the rest of the other staff members locked in the basement to sleep off an Episode 300 hangover, Lusipurr and Mel record a podcast. But then, Jack Thompson arrives with his Australian Lady Army, pulling Lusipurr from shelves across the land. Horror!

TSM Episode 28: A Christmas Outrocast

By Caspius
Yep. Again. Every year.

In the wee hours of Christmas eve, the podcast panel assembles to celebrate the holiday with superlative style, grace, and class. Riddles is confused, RootBeerKing is abed, Lusipurr is tipsy, and SiliconNooB is improbably sober! It’s a Christmas miracle!

TSM Episode 27: Sweet Cider Wine

By Caspius
Based on this picture alone, I am already a huge fan of Australian Christmas.

When Bup fails to make an appearance, Lusipurr is forced to call in the only person who can fill in for the site’s largest former personality, with the result that Australian Christmas comes early, much drink is had by all, and Smissmass presents abound!

Editorial: On the Future of Sony Hand-held Gaming; or Why You Shouldn’t Lay Down That Pre-order Just Yet Luis Vasquez: Part Two

By SiliconNooB

  The Playstation Phone This brave little device has been impugned and pilloried by virtually every quarter of the internets. The first thing the name evokes upon the hearing, is shades of Nokia’s ill-fated Ngage, thus the system is situated within a pre-existing template whereby boffins may predict its dismal failure. I am not from […]

MAP Episode 97: A Christmas Miracle

By Caspius
I cannot resist the urge to use this picture again.

Lusi and Ginia talk about the Winter of Xenogears, Australian Christmas, and Taking Liberties With a Minor, and also cover important matters like how to urinate on Lusipurr if you happen to be a Canadian midget. Happy Christmas, readers of Lusipurr.com!

MAP Episode 96: Australian Christmas

By Caspius
In this picture, Nate Liles invents Guitar Hero fifteen years before Harmonix.

There’s nothing bigger than Christmas antipodean style, and Australian Christmas doesn’t disappoint. Earnings forecasts are down, Foster’s sales are up, and Nate Liles is conspicuously absent and almost certainly drunk. Get out your semaphor kit, mate!