Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Midgar SLIDER

TSM Episode 401: Remastery

After England's shock collapse against Bangladesh, panelists SiliconNooB and Adeki join Lusipurr in a discussion about the most successful ways to develop a continuing series, looking at Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Wild Arms, Pokemon, and Dragon Quest.

TSM Episode 400: A Trolley Problem

When the Gyme-trolley begins hurtling towards a group of goblins tied to the tracks, Lusipurr must choose whether to divert it onto another track where it will hit Bup, instead. Then, Lusipurr and the goblins record the four hundredth Starlight Megaphone!

TSM Episode 399: Nintendo’s Witch

Lusipurr, Sebastian, and SiliconNooB delve into the biggest stories in a week packed with big stories: in a Halloween manoeuvre, Nintendo's Witch takes flight; Red Dead Redemption 2 promises new and hilarious bugs; and The Last Guardian is finally done.