MAP Episode 100: Achievement Unlocked!

In a podcast described as "better than Shakespeare", the staff and guests assemble to celebrate the completion of one hundred episodes of the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast, replete with fart noises, horns, and a phone call to the Montok. Enjoy!

News: Bigotry? Laziness? Depression?!

Little Bigot Planet

With the release of Little Big Planet 2 this week, you could expect that developer MediaMolecule put on their bikinis and dove head first a la Scrooge McDuck into their enormous piles of freshly acquired cash money. That probably is not a bad assumption to make; the game has quickly rise…

MAP Episode 65: Like Clockwork

The panel explores the week's releases, including 3D Dot Game Heroes and... well, nothing else. There's also Final Fantasy X to discuss--but a far more important matter intervenes: the TIMELY arrival of Lusipurr's new wall clock. Get it? Ha! Ha!