TSM Episode 459: Death by Disconnexion

By Caspius
Diablo III Hardcore You Have Died Death Screenshot 1 FEATURED

‘Tis the season for Lusipurrean misery, and when it rains, it pours: England suffer another dismal defeat in the Ashes, Lusipurr’s car breaks and needs to be replaced, and finally the spectre of Diablo III hardcore death appears once more, woe and betide!

Editorial: Bayobreaking Hearts

By Adeki
Nearly every single one of her attacks is amazing to watch and creative in their own way.

Adeki takes it into his own hands to complain about the shortage of Bayonetta on the Nintendo Wii U despite its critical acclaim and obvious sex appeal. Unfortunately, Kanye West has already cursed out Adeki because of this editorial. Drat.