TSM Episode 343: Konami Is on Fire

By Caspius
...Ko na mi is on fire, my fair lady!

When Konami headquarters bursts into flames, Lusipurr and SiliconNooB hurry to the scene of the conflagration, where they speculate as to the cause of the blaze, crack jokes, report on Square Enix’s manifold prevarications, and read a book about knights.

Editorial: Moving Goalposts

By Mel
I don

This week Mel tries his hand at an in depth exploration of videogames as a medium. Within he uses highfalutin terms like ludonarrative dissonance. That means it is smart and mature. What other verbal honey pots does he stick his hand in to? Come and see.

Review: Bioshock 2

By Bup

2k Games returns to the underwater city of Rapture in the recent release of Bioshock 2 In Bioshock 2 the player enters the shoes, or diving suit, of “Subject Delta”, a prototype Big Daddy, who is on a quest to save the Little Sister he was once attached to.  The second game plays much like the […]

MAP Episode 33: Oktoberkast

By Caspius

The Podcast returns from a technology-enforced holiday with a (nearly) full-staff, special, double-length, deluxe edition–complete with German Beer! Bust out the pretzels, crank up the polka, don your alpine hat and lederhosen, and listen now!

Editorial: BioShock Me

By Riddles

2K’s critically acclaimed action-adventure, BioShock, happens to be one of my all-time favorite videogames. The gameplay is varied, fast-paced, and fun. The story is fantastic both in content and execution. The atmosphere generated by the ruined paradise of Rapture is unrivalled by any other videogame ever created. Obviously that’s a very brief overview of what […]