Editorial: Bravely Running with It

As Java converts the LusipurrCorp basement to a slightly less dingy testing facility, he lends some final thoughts on trilogies and Bravely Default. He will be hanging up the pen for a bit next week, so he feels he must get his rambles in before then.

Editorial: Game Healing

Java’s busted up hand is just about done healing, so he revisits the concept of games as part of the healing process before he returns to his labor job in the LusipurrCorp Orichalcum Mines. Apparently, Lusipurr is still waiting for those stylish rims.

Editorial: Characters To Die For

Java has been tremendously quiet, lately. We assumed by his looks of contentment that he had retrofitted the basement to be an opium den. Nope. He is just really enjoying Bravely Default, which leaves him reminiscing about past joys in gaming this week.

Editorial Miscellany: Shovel War

Ethos played a very good side-scrolling game and a very disappointing side-scrolling game in an attempt to collect stories for this week’s Editorial Miscellany. Spoilers, but Shovel Knight is the good game. And Valiant Hearts is the disappointing one.

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