TSM Episode 381: The E3 2016 Round-Up

By Caspius
You WILL vomit. You WILL NOT get your money back.

E3 2016 has come and gone, and the panelists offer a concise summary of everything that happened presented in chronological order more concisely and at a speed far greater than at the original conferences–including the untold TRUTH about virtual reality.

Editorial: Origin Story

By Java
His musk causes ovulation.

Buppenvolksfest is here! As is his duty as Lusipurr Dynamics indentured scholar, Java has put together a workshop to educate the unwashed masses in true Buppenvolksfest tradition and bring fresh meat to Bup’s welcoming pants. Come! Share in the terror!

Editorial: From Norende to the Moon

By Java
Did someone drop their Nokia phone?

Java is impatient. He is supposed to be recovering from a nasty hand injury, one which momentarily prevented him from playing Bravely Default, but instead tortures himself even more by looking ahead to Bravely Second: End Layer. Welcome to Spoilertown!

Editorial: Celebrities and Mobile Gaming

By Java
The screen. Stroking them off the screen. Sorry. It has been a long week.

The crashes coming from the basement had us worried that Java was in possession of whiskey again. We found him stalking the shadows, growling Lindsay Lohan’s name in the form of a question. Turns out he is actually quite sober, and her game upset him.

Announcement: Goodbye, cruel world…..

By Bup

It is with a heavy heart that I announce my departure as a regular writer for Lusipurr.com.  Work responsibilities have made it too difficult for me to post an article on a regular basis.  However, I will try to be on the podcast when Lusipurr will have me and I have the time. So, do […]