TSM Episode 258: Gotta Go Fast

Everything old is new again when Lusipurr rehires every staff member ever to have worked at Lusipurr.com. Sonic goes fast, much to the delight of panelists SiliconNooB, Durga Syn, and Mel, who are eager to play the Western-only Wii U exclusive.

News: Love Is a Battlefield

Xbone's launch games are visually inferior to the PS4, PS4 removes audio support to shake-down users for more money, and Nintendo closes down Swapnote to prevent users exchanging pictures of poorly-drawn cocks in the news of the week!

News: Cravenly Default

Square Enix blights Bravely Default with micro-transactions, Call of Duty: Ghosts is rumoured to run at 720p on the Xbone, and North Korea attacks the South with free software in the news of the week!