TSM Episode 387: Making a Great Anime

In this special round-table discussion, panelists Adeki, SiliconNooB, and Lusipurr (along with special guest Imitanis) discuss what it takes to make a truly great anime, and what anime best fulfil the potential of the medium.

TSM Episode 262: Sorrow in South Africa

Microsoft's refusal to build datacentres in Africa is to blame when Titanfall fails to fall and sorrow strikes South Africa. Durga Syn and Regg join Lusipurr in a Bono-inspired attempt to lighten the hearts of a distressed and downtrodden people.

MAP Episode 72: Disorganised and Uncensored

When Lusipurr's case of Shingles makes it difficult for him to type, he introduces a new time-saving feature: total lack of organisation. And the result: the worst podcast in the history of the universe. Turn and run. Don't look back. Just run. Run NOW.