TSM Episode 98: Is It a Stuffed Bear?

Minister of Fineness Chris 'Sabin' Privitere is called upon to prognosticate about the video game industry, giving panelists Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and The Legendary Zoltan answers to questions which have plagued the industry for decades.

MAP Episode 69: Australian Rules

It's Australian Rules when Julian 'SiliconNoob' Taylor, Australian, joins the podcast for the first time. Bup is quick to educate the panel on the latest and greatest(?) Lady Gaga news, whilst Biggs dodges Biebermania in an effort to talk boobs, instead.

MAP Episode 64: A Waddletwats Reunion

Special guests Waddles and Twats of Waddletwats return to Lusipurr.com for a reunion. Waddles is shown to be nothing more than an anthropomorphous Eeyore, and Nate does his best to provide a graphical representation of the two special guests at work.
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