Editorial: On Awesomeness, Games, and Quickness

The Summer Games Done Quick marathon is live this week and Mel takes a quick dive into the world of speeruns and Tool Assisted Speedruns, both of which will be on display during the event. Find out more about this twice-yearly charity event!

News: Trolling with Truthfacts!

Microsoft attempts to sell business on the benefits of Xbone, Nintendo threatens the prospect of free publicity with legal action, and Tim Schafer publicly brands a disillusioned backer as a 'troll' in the news of the week!

News: Names, Names, and Name-Dropping


This Week’s “Why Squeenix Sucks”

If you are a fan of Final Fantasy XIII, you are an idiot. You are so much of a blithering idiot that even the people who stand to benefit from your stupidity have given up on you. In a recent interview with a Japanese magazine, XIII’s director Motomu …