TSM Episode 346: HD Remaster

As SiliconNooB dozes off, Lusipurr bats for five solid days to put on 938 not out. With the site out of ideas, the entire feat is then remastered in glorious HD for the podcast.

TSM Episode 345: Cancelled on XBone

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB discuss the upcoming Cricket All-Stars series in America, the decline of Microsoft's console fortunes, the deprecation of many Disney titles, the delay of Shovel Knight, Konami's vast greed, and the first part of Chrono Cross.

TSM Episode 344: Poke-butt

As Pokemon stores roll out a vast array of Pokemon-butt merchandise, Lusipurr and SiliconNooB review Samo Studios' Chrono Cinematica, preview the Autumn 2015 anime line-up, look at changes to FFXV, and question Microsoft's future in console development.

TSM Episode 327: Shamiibo

This week, Bup warns Lusipurr about increasing numbers of sham amiibo (shamiibo), a sham Bup pretends after the greatness of the original (and fails), a real Australian sleeps on the job, and Imitanis should NOT be applied directly to the perineum.

TSM Episode 287: Neither Rhyme nor Reason

Lusipurr, Ethos, and Mel confront a week of Nintendo-centric nonsense; Bup makes an appearance to discuss David Cage and Peter Molyneux; and the disappearance of Rhyme and Reason are explained. ALSO AS I SAID, Wikipedia says Zinc is a mineral, NOT a vitam

Editorial: In Defence of Being an Indecisive Prick

There comes a point in every gent’s life when he must stop, take stock and assess his priorities. Ask himself where he’s headed, and whether or not the pursuits to which he is engaged are productive ventures or futile dead-ends, as frivolous as a Texan lawsuit. I had one such moment this week wh…