Review: Costume Quest

Double Fine Productions is known for making quirky games, and Costume Quest is no exception. Join Deimosion as he explores the fun, cartoony little Halloween-themed RPG.

Editorial: Top 10 of 2010

Hello all my loyal fans and welcome to the glorious return of NATE LILES! Is this perhaps the greatest post in Lusipurr history?  It is too early to tell, but I am going to go with: yes.  I did this post last year and it seemed to get a good response, so I am doing it again.  Here I am listing my ten favorite games fro…

Review: Costume Quest

Double Fine and THQ add some fun to the spooky Halloween season with the recent release of Costume Quest for the XBox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.

Costume Quest allows players to take control of either Reynold or Wren, who are identical twins, on Halloween night.  Whichever twin the player doe…