Pokemon Christmas

TSM Episode 618: Defamation and Slander

Caspius and SiliconNooB settle down for a winter evening's podcast, with sundry observations on select news, commentary on Christmas holiday gaming, and a stern rebuke to CERTAIN READERS who would dare to slight The Day Tonight's journalistic principles.
Dark Souls SLIDER

Editorial: Dark Souls Unlimited

Adeki returns after his week of vacation to write a work imbued with a sense of momentum and a subtle whisper of gravitas. A man sits alone and ponders to himself, "is every game Dark Souls?" The answer to that haunting question, will be found here.

Editorial: Myth Building

It is another esoteric week in the mind of Mel as he tackles some vaguery or another about myth building in videogames as well as the rose tinting of nostalgia. Old things get placed on pedestals and simple things get complex in this week's column!

TSM Episode 251: A Very Luigi Christmas

This Christmas, listen to the gift that keeps on giving--even when told, repeatedly, through a series of court orders, to stop. Lusipurr and SiliconNooB labour in the darkness, braving a semaphor outage and sanctimonious tyrants to produce... a podcast!