Editorial: Have We Need of a DRM Offenders Registry?

By SiliconNooB

I have been playing and enjoying Dead Space 2 for a week now, it is a brilliant game which should not give me cause for complaint, but it does. You see I had not realised that Dead Space 2 was online pass enabled, I generally like to think the best of people (j/k) and so […]

MAP Episode 87: Return of the Lusi

By Caspius
Initially released in the US in 1987, Castlevania was a massive success. Unlike the Rock Opera now showing at the Meadowbrook Theatre.

Lusipurr makes his much-desired return with Ginia and SiliconNooB on hand to provide important commentary on the issues of the day, including Final Fantasy XIV, the availability of Mew, the lack of NPD numbers, and the shocking sales of the PS Move.

MAP Episode 83: Kotick Strikes Back

By Caspius
We will charge them fifteen dollars every time they look at an alt-text message. You will see the charge on your next credit card statement. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

Darth Lane uses the force to ensure that the panelists eagerly report on the Tokyo Game Show, show their love for Activision games, and profess their unswerving belief in the right-minded thinking of Emperor Kotick. All hail the GLOBAL ACTIVISION EMPIRE!