Editorial: Picture Adequate

Adeki blows the dust off of his Polaroid and takes a picture examining the screenshot/camera function in video games? Is the truth a blurry mess or a clear picture of what is to come in the future? Read on to find out!

Editorial: Remaking Perfection

Adeki dives head-first into confronting video game remakes to see what can go right and what can go terribly wrong. Are remakes ruined by nostalgia for the original, or should the developer leave the product alone to stand the tests of time?

News: A Letter to Atlus

Atlus is bidden a sorrowful farewell, Type-0 may be heading for the Americas after all, and the Xbone may struggle to output more than a 900p resolution in the news of the week!

MAP Episode 61: Vanity Fair

Want to acquire more vanity items in World of Warcraft and PlayStation Home? Neither do the panelists, who cover that and so much more. Pokemon Generation V, Nintendo being sued, and the U.S. Government's next big game round out their topics!