Editorial: A World Without Gabe

By Imitanis
Not to be confused with George R.R. Martin.

Steam has become a phenomenon in PC gaming. With so much power over the fate of gaming, what would happen if Gabe were no longer in charge? Imitanis looks at the problems that could arise should Gabe die or decide to permanently leave Valve.

Editorial: Death and Bereavement as a Plot-device

By SiliconNooB

There are few plot tropes more prevalent in man’s narrative history than death, and the protagonist’s bereavement of those they hold dear, and as such it functions as a powerful plot device to drive and deliver narrative action to the vicarious throngs gathered to partake in the pathos of human transience. This is because the […]

News: Crappy MMO Week

By Biggs
Animu Michael Jackson

Status Effect: Flaming Hair  Here in America, we love us some dead celebrities. All the power of their glorious name with none of the royalty checks, its win-win! This week, in an interview with USA Today, entertainment firm SEE Virtual Worlds detailed their plans to exploit one of the most exploitable celebrity names of all: […]