TSM Episode 538: E3 Extravaganza 2019

By Caspius
Square Enix Final Fantasy VII Remake Conference E3 2019 FEATURED

With the launch of The Day Tonight’s Smash Bros. Tournament Donation Drive, the on-going Cricket World Cup, the forthcoming Ashes contest, the site-wide playthrough of Suikoden II, and the conclusion of E3, the panelists find themselves buried in news!

TSM Episode 519: Et in Arcade ego

By Caspius
Crystal Castles Arcade Screenshot 1 FEATURED

In the wake of yet another disastrous performance by the England Cricket team, Lusipurr eschews conversation about sport, retreating instead to the traditional bastion of all those who are disinclined to physical activity: the video game arcade.

News: Sweet Release

By SiliconNooB

Rise of the Tomb Raider gets dated for PS4, Mighty No. 9 may be delayed into 2016, Spike Chunsoft teams up with tri-Ace on an RPG project, and adorable anime girls live at school in the news of the week!

MAP Episode 67: Educational Programming

By Caspius
The correct answer to

With all of the usual panelists on the bus to E3, only Lusipurr and Ginia remain behind to cover the news. Luckily, guest panelist Eric Jordan has remained behind as well. The three cover the news, educationally, with all the puns that are fit to podcast.

Feature: The Summer of X^3

By Caspius
X^3: Reunion takes place in an alternate reality of Final Fantasy VII, in which the Jenova Reunion was not prevented.

Lusipurr.com is pleased(!?) to present THE SUMMER OF X^3. X^3: Reunion is the highly-rated sequel to X^2: The Threat. A 2008 space trading and combat simulator, it is available on Steam, and natively for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The player controls a spaceship of their own choosing for the purposes of exploration, trade, […]