News: The Winter of Creativity

By SiliconNooB
Not so definitive.

SocJus narratives are beginning to have a chilling effect on industry creativity, Tim Schafer takes an even bigger shit on the people who backed his Broken Game, and the PS4 begins to hit its stride in the land of the rising sun in the news of the week!

News: April Troll Day

By Biggs
Mmmm, hand-drawn facials.

How many of our readers are gullible and retarded and believed everything they read while on the internet Friday? If you avoided being trolled mightily yesterday by avoiding the internet altogether, here is a nice round-up of what you missed: To start things off, gaming news site Destructoid celebrated the spring day of foolery by […]

Editorial: The Great Trolls of Gaming

By SiliconNooB

(7) Pachter Trolls Gamers, Activision Trolls Pachter? What is Michael ‘falsetto feltch‘ Pachter if not one of the gaming INDUSTRY’s most notoriously obnoxious trolls? Whether it is his constant assurances of a WiiHD, followed by his solemn prediction of Nintendo’s imminent downfall when one failed to materialise, or whether it be the religious fervour with which he […]

A Rumination on Pseudo Objective Review Discourses

By SiliconNooB

After a lifetime of dealing with people you would have thought I’d inured myself to the occasionally baffling concepts they are sometimes wont to throw up, but no. Several weeks ago I linked on my Facebook wall an editorial that I thought to be a fairly decent critique of Fable III, only to have’s […]