Editorial: Loopy

By Mel
But he gives GREAT loot!

Mel looks at specific qualities that make a game addictive and fun. They involve many familiar mechanics, such as grinding, but what else? Games need more than just a grind to keep the player in that loop. Curious? Reach level twenty to get the answer!

Editorial: My Gaming Habits

By Mel
After trolling the Lcom picture database I found this. I was going to change the caption someone else had given it, but decided it worked just fine.

Mel examines his own gaming habits this week, both the good ones and the not so good ones. What tendencies does he have while playing some of his favorite RPGs and which ones has he managed to move on from? Click on through!

Editorial: Giving Up on a Game

By Mel
But it should be just about over by the time you read this!

This week Mel talks about how the summer gaming drought has forced him to deal with some of his backlog and how that did not exactly go well. Among poor controls, lack of direction, and high learning curves, Mel tries to examine why he stops playing.