Fire Emblem Three Houses - Battle Screenshot 2

TSM Episode 572: Return to Fire Emblem

Caspius, Durga, and SiliconNooB discuss Microsoft's pivot to mediocrity and plans to compete with Google Stadia and the Apple iOS store instead of Sony and Nintendo, before moving on to discuss Fire Emblem as a successor to beloved, dead JRPG franchises.
Final Fantasy IX - Art 01 - FEATURED

TSM Episode 509: Dialogue Dialogue

Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Imitanis address the topic of dialogue in games: how it should be connected to gameplay, and how the current trend in RPGs inclines developers to increasingly protracted dialogue expansion, often at a cost to enjoyment.
Mario Fail - Mario World - FEATURED

TSM Episode 506: All the Marios Are Dead

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB provide an in-depth examination of the forthcoming Sony PlayStation Classic mini-console, review the biggest news from Blizzcon, and celebrate Lusipurr's latest platinum accomplishment: it's not tin, it's Castlevania!
Dragon Fantasy Book II SLIDER

TSM Episode 485: The Soul of the Game

With the Summer Donation Drive beginning to yield results, SMT-fanboy Imitanis and Golden-Axe-fanboy SiliconNooB join Lusipurr for a discussion of what makes a good game, and how western developers can capture the 'essence' of classic gaming franchises.

Editorial: Major Lootage

Imitanis looks back at how he fell in love with collecting loot in games. He also considers how loot has been influencing modern games, and how the trend looks to continue.

Editorial: Addiction

Imitanis has been accused of spending too much time playing games. Today, he tries to defend his love of this interactive medium. Whats does he have to say? Find out inside!

Editorial: Diablo 3 Revisited

Imitanis has not played Diablo 3 since it launched in May last year. How does the game hold up almost a year later, and what improvements have Blizzard made along the way? Find out inside!