TSM Episode 538: E3 Extravaganza 2019

By Caspius
Square Enix Final Fantasy VII Remake Conference E3 2019 FEATURED

With the launch of The Day Tonight’s Smash Bros. Tournament Donation Drive, the on-going Cricket World Cup, the forthcoming Ashes contest, the site-wide playthrough of Suikoden II, and the conclusion of E3, the panelists find themselves buried in news!

TSM Episode 71: Zoltan’s Reading Room

By Caspius
Actually, Ignatius Reilly is the intellect of Lusipurr with the physicality and comportment of Bup.

When The Legendary Zoltan lets it be known that he does not appreciate the triviality of Lusipurr’s reading material, the panel devises a better way to bring culture to the masses: a fourteen-week tour de force of the 20th century’s seminal comedic novel.

Review: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

By Deimosion
Most of the game

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is a cult classic PS2 RPG adored by many for its RPG mechanics and its lovable cast of characters. Join Daniel as he reviews the anime-inspired JRPG and discusses why it is a standout title among the myriad of Tactical RPGs.