TSM Episode 275: Live at E3 2014

By Caspius
This picture was actually taken by us when we were actually at E3 which we were actually at this year and where we are actually at right now where I am actually writing this from E3 where we really are for real.

Lusipurr and Ethos travel to Los Angeles to cover E3 2014, and then they record this podcast in the lobby of their hotel (also in L.A.). Join them as they reflect on the first day, and the conferences of Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony. Pink drinks ahoy!

TSM Episode 92: A Last-Wicket Stand

By Caspius
Ian Bell fell before lunch, but Stuart Broad

Lusipurr.com defeat is on the cards until Lusipurr and SiliconNooB occupy the crease, seeing off ninety overs of ordinary bowling from CatFancy, including several rounds of seaming pace from specialist bowlers Electronic Arts, Double Fine, and Nintendo.

TSM Episode 82: The XY Factor

By Caspius
This selection provides us with what are perhaps the best starters in Pokemon history.

SiliconNooB is pleased to report that the PlayStation 3 has finally outstripped the XBox 360 in terms of total hardware units shipped, Lusipurr exults in the announcement of a new Pokemon generation for the 3DS, and Ignatius Reilly sells all his hot dogs.