News: Burger Time

Electronic Bioturds is hamburgled of its fanfic writing talent, Microsoft has another epic week of Xbone backflips, and Resident Evil 7 is allegedly returning to survival horror in the news of the week!

News: Kotaku’s Rivers of Brown

Kotaku foments a public stoush with Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya, Bioware's community has become irreparably toxic, and a data firm has announced that worldwide PS3 shipments have exceeded those of the Xbox 360 in the news of the week.

TSM Episode 40: Taciturn, but Tough

When a notorious purple octopus and his taciturn friend get an announced XIII-2 DLC release, the podcast panel finds themselves berserked; the announcement of a Theatrhythm release date only adds to the excitement. Lusipurr is forced to purchase remedies.

MAP Episode 111: The Hiring Process

The site hires three new staff members, but Nate fails to show up for the customary hazing ritual. RPGamer's Chris Privitere tries to fill Nate's shoes, but without a HD fart app. for his new iPad2, his performance remains ultimately unconvincing.