Editorial: The Long Sink

By Ethos
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Ethos takes a look at how he takes a look at video games by reflecting on Dragon Age: Inquisition, Kingdom Hearts II and also by looking ahead to the next Zelda entry. He finds, among other things, that time is the most important dimension in video games.

TSM Episode 305: Live from Topeka

By Caspius

In the first podcast of 2015, Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Mel distribute gifts to a lucky reader and staff member. Then, reflecting on the possibility of felicity in the New Year, plans are made for magnificent new Lusipurr.com endeavours and offices.

Editorial: The Atypical Experience

By Mel

Mel discusses the review process as games start to get gargantuan in size and rope off content for release day. Do these things present a problem for the review process and do readers always get the full picture? Give it a review in the comments!