News: Biocash on Monetising Gamers

Bioware talk monetising the consumer, Bioware reveal a drop in interest toward Mass Effect 3, and the Hyrule Historia knocks Fifty Shades of Grey from the top of Amazon's best sellers chart in this week's out of touch news regressions.

MAP Episode 53: Sexcast

Series 2 gets off to a foul start when Oliver and Ethan join from their Canadian love nest. Descriptions of sexual misadventures follow until Nate Liles, overcome with revulsion, loses his tenuous grip on reality and believes himself to be Lady Gaga.

MAP Episode 46: Oh! By Jingo!

After a night spent shouting "Oh! By Jingo!" until they were hoarse, the panelists find themselves facing a podcast in a week without news or releases. Exhausted, and in some cases hung-over, they decide to record themselves sleeping, instead.

MAP Episode 44: The First Christmas

Still reeling from the shock of the worst podcast ever, Lusipurr is determined to maintain a fascist-tight grip on the reins, but he fails to reckon on the additional combined might of two Canadians. Listen as Lusipurr slips ever deeper into depression!
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