News: JRPG News

By SiliconNooB
Final Fantasy VII Remake - Screen 02 - FEATURED

Final Fantasy VII Remake has not been confirmed for Xbox, Monolith Soft has had a bumper year, and Dragon Quest IX devs talk about a possible remake in the news of the week!

News: Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker Two Detailed

By Blitzmage
Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Box Art

Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 is released on the Nintendo DS with features like, trading and battling over local and Wi-Fi connection, downloadable missions, and synthesizing monsters.

MAP Episode 74: Cruel Summer

By Caspius
Just so you know, she

Lusipurr is depressed, and who can blame him? Forced to babysit Nate Liles once a week for several hours, he contemplates other paths his life might have taken: astronaut, president, Pope. Oh well, he’ll just have to settle for internet celebrity instead.

Editorial: The RPGs of E3

By Lane

Kotaku, that benighted oracle of all things game, has given to us a prophesy concerning the big RPGs of E3. Prophecy is, of course, a staple of RPG storytelling. If those trope-filled monstrosities are to be believed, every orphaned farmboy, scullion, and hard-nosed street kid is the subject of an ancient prophecy (never a recent […]

MAP Episode 25: Twilightcast

By Caspius

Lusipurr, Nate Liles, and Virginia Herrell discuss all things Twilight-related, with special attention to the relationship of Edward Cullen (vampire) and Isabella Swan (emo girl). Listen for all the sparkly details!