Final Fantasy IX Queen Brahne Screenshot 1

TSM Episode 412: Greed

Late is the hour and long overdue the messenger when Nintendo's Witch is at last revealed, and the English-speaking peoples of Britannia, Australia, and Her Majesty's American Colonies unite together as of one voice in condemnation: Burn the Witch!
Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Midgar SLIDER

TSM Episode 401: Remastery

After England's shock collapse against Bangladesh, panelists SiliconNooB and Adeki join Lusipurr in a discussion about the most successful ways to develop a continuing series, looking at Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Wild Arms, Pokemon, and Dragon Quest.

TSM Episode 350: Pokemania Direct

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB record late into the night on the information overload resulting from the resumption of Nintendo Direct, whilst the XBox One goes backwards compatible, and Cricket comes to America in a trio of truly legendary All-Star matches.

Editorial: Self Discovery

Mel discusses games he discovered without outside help and how many of them are among is favorites. And while it is increasingly difficult to forgo all knowledge of a game purchase today, this does not stop him from recalling some examples from the past.

News: $40,000 Worth of Patch Savings

Microsoft kills off a Silent Hill HD patch with their money grubbing, Dragon Quest X launches to less than expected sales figures, and Konami provides free game recompense (with strings) in this week's highly conditional news fine print.