News: E3 2012 – Tuesday

The events of E3 (Tuesday) - Featuring: The felling of Ray Bradbury, Nintendo's conference, the vileness of John Riccitiello, and the unveiling of Square Enix's new Final Fantasy engine.

MAP Episode 70: E3 2010

When Oliver once again fails to show up for a stay at Castle Lusipurr, the staff are forced to cover E3 themselves. Bup reports on Lady Gaga's E3 showing and Biggs spends the entire podcast silently painting her tits. Don't be a Rude Gus: listen now!

MAP Episode 15: Podcall of Dutycast

When the Call of Duty comes, who will answer? MasterChef and Bup, that's who! Topics include Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper; Spy vs. Sniper; inFamous vs. Sly Cooper; E3 vs. Swine Flu; and Hideo Kojima vs. the World. Answer the call by listening now!
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