TSM Episode 35: A Very Tardy Arrival

The panelists arrive--some (much) later than others--to discuss topics including Ubisoft's avaricious attempts to bilk PSVita gamers, Hulu on 3DS, a free-play weekend that has already gone, and the world's most accurate Valentine's Day Present simulator.

TSM Episode 7: Crash Crash Crash

Between crashes, Enrei eschews trash mobs in favour of boss fights; SiliconNooB makes a pixellated, besotted, and otherwise inebriated return; and Lusipurr watches test cricket. Also, Nintendo and DRM get a thorough rubbishing!

TSM Episode 1: A New Beginning

In this week's episode, Biggs downloads some content, Jake 2 is released, and Lusipurr gives us a history lesson. Also, a Pokemon ban is overturned, Devil May Cry goes HD, and EA Origin cracks down on our abominable, persistent belief in property rights.
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