News: The Blizz Con

Blizzcon turned out horribly for Blizzard this year (as expected), Blizzard president lies about being ‘sorry’, and Anthem is stone cold dead in the news of the week!
Cracked Nintendo Switch

News: Fiddlesticks!

Nintendo uses defective analogue sticks in their new Switch Lite console, PS5 Pro rumoured to launch alongside the base console, and Anthem is dead as a door nail in the news of the week!
Final Fantasy IX - Vivi Art 01 - FEATURED

News: A Return to Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIV director says Final Fantasy XVI should be traditional fantasy, Activision Blizzard prepares to sack hundreds of employees on Tuesday, and Capcom has had an excellent 2018 in the news of the week!
Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Sephiroth Key Art FEATURED

News: Final Field Design

Substantial information is uncovered about Final Fantasy VII Remake's field design, EA cancels a Star Wars game, and Activision gets sued over their split with Bungie in the news of the week!
The Division - Art 01 - FEATURED

News: The Politics of Division

Massive Entertainment's COO says divisive politics do a poor job of selling games, Black Ops IIII is doing really well at the expense of Battlefield V, and Soulcalibur V is rife with dongs in the news of the week!
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