News: The Ill Spectre of Gaming

Warren Spector hates on violent games because he cannot get his own bad games funded, Dennis Dyack is up to his jowls in corporate crime, and Sony are not expecting any major fiscal pain from the launch of PS4 in the news of the week.

MAP Episode 94: Mahomet Says Meow

Legal Eagle Lane and Australian SiliconNooB match wits in a podcast completely jam-packed with all of the news YOU want to know about, including: Guiness, Cricket, Television Sets, Cats, Theology, Cellular Phones, Web Browsers, Sheep, and GAMING, too!

MAP Episode 71: Lusi’s Shinglescast

After a week of posting absolute nonsense, the staff finally decides to really drive a nail into their Fearless Leader's coffin. Nate Liles explodes, leaving only Australians and Canadians behind. Meanwhile, Lusipurr comes down with Shingles.
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