TSM Episode 531: Spreadsheetcast

By Caspius
Spreadsheet FEATURED

The panel tackles the hardest of all video game topics: the best way to pick a game and stick with it until it is completed. Caspius is spoiled for choice, SiliconNooB is irredeemably distracted, and Imitanis has a worrying obsession with spreadsheets.

News: Resetroid

By SiliconNooB
Metroid Prime Screenshot 02

Metroid Prime 4 has been rebooted, Steam is no longer a viable platform for Japanese developers, and Wakka calls for violence against Al Bhed children in the news of the week!

TSM Episode 488: Meandercast

By Caspius
Longleat Hedge Maze FEATURED

With the Summer Donation Drive at an end, Lusipurr and SilconNooB celebrate/commerisate about the success/failure of the site’s sixth consecutive successful/first-ever failed funding appeal. On the schedule: alcohol, and the poems of Philip Larkin.

Editorial: Case Closed!

By Emmori

On Monday, June 27th, the Supreme Court deemed California Law AB 1779 unconstitutional in its ruling on Brown v. EMA. Emmori discusses the ruling and muses on the its effect on the current and future state of gaming.

News: Glitches, Bitches, and Oh Noes

By Biggs

Because There Are Not Enough Gamer Virgins Are you a slut? Do you wish that someone had told you as a young’un that being a slut is bad? While you wallow in your regret and sorrow, University of Central Florida researchers are working to ensure that no one ever has to deal with your guilt […]

News: Bad Parenting is Everywhere

By Biggs
Phoenix Wright with Robot

I am the LOL Law! This week was amazing in terms of video games, anime, and ridiculous legal action. Starting stateside, Rhode Island is the third in the United States of Overbearing Mommies to enter a bill into its legislature that would impose a strict fine and possible jail time on anyone found selling games […]