News: Lionhead Gets 22Shitcanned!

Lionhead Studios has been utterly vanquished through Lusipurrean machinations, Xseed gets their tits out, Final Fantasy XV's Hajime Tabata wants to make players cry, and Luck & Logic fuses magical waifus in the news of the week!

TSM Episode 277: A Just World

Lusipurr and Iliya settle down for a delightful evening discussing the Cricket, the litigiousness of the video game industry, the necessity of justice in fair game design, and the likelihood of a long and successful life for Nintendo's beleaguered Wii U.

Editorial: A Matter of Morals

The shift in power towards the West has flooded gaming with many concepts and ideas, most of them terrible. Today, Gyme takes a look at one that has been extremely hit or miss, morality choice. Give the bunnies food or slaughter them? Such a hard choice!

Review: Fable III

This week, Deimosion reviews Fable III. Is it Fable-ulous, or this the third entry in the Fable series just a Peter Molysnooze? Read on as Deimosion discusses what it is that makes Fable III such an interesting game to review!

TSM Episode 8: Optimism

DurgaSyn counts 'em all, SiliconNooB has buyer's remorse, RootBeerKing is coming out, Reetin is working for a Christmas release, Emmori is shocked, Enrei is Indie, Deimosion gets litigious, and Lusipurr makes a statement. Also: optimism ABOUNDS!

MAP Episode 118: Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Despite not knowing the date, the episode number, or his own name, Lusipurr nevertheless throws down the gauntlet to the readers of, challenging them to donate money to ensure his first review ever is of one of the worst RPGs ever produced.

Feature: Summer Donation Drive 2011

The Summer Donation Drive has begun. From now until 20 August, donate your hard-earned (or not-so-hard-earned) fundage to Why? To make Lusipurr suffer for your amusement, of course.