Lusipurr's Chessboard

TSM Episode 596: Chess II

Following a JRPG-studded series of game announcements, Caspius, SiliconNooB, and Mel develop an acute case of optimism about the state of the industry; and, their jollity is only increased when they learn of the sequel to Caspius’ favourite game: Chess.

TSM Episode 32: Mexican Platinum

Still reeling from the week’s expose on notorious cheater and sneak Louis “I Downloaded My Platinums on the Internet” Vazquez, the panel manages to scrape together some news with the help of veteran podcaster and cat expert, Chris ‘Siamese’ Privitere.

TSM Episode 19: Fable

In this week, the panel Fable. Deimosion Fable, SiliconNooB Fable, Blitzmage Fable, and Enrei Fable. Lusipurr also Fable. Fable Fable Fable. Also: World of Fablecraft, Actifable, Call of Fable, and Fable Fable Fable Fable Fable Fable Fable. Fable!

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