TSM Episode 514: ImitaNooB

By Caspius
Christmas Tree SLIDER

When SiliconNooB is unable to be present for the last podcast of the year, Lusipurr uses the power of ‘Science’ and ‘Electron Microscopy’ to combine the DNA of SiliconNooB and Imitanis, resulting in a new and terrifying creation: The ImitaNooB.

TSM Episode 383: Dependence Day

By Caspius

SiliconNooB and Lusipurr celebrate Dependence Day at Ayers Rock by watching England beat Ceylon. Meanwhile, Imitanis and Adeki plot rebellion and mutiny, but are forestalled by a Frenchman with a penchant for les poissons–and intellectual property theft.

Editorial: Fantastic Fours

By Adeki
Now for a terrible pun: Soulja Boy, Tellah.

Adeki breakdances his way into a video game museum and details games that are the fourth entry in their series. Is the almost Chinese word for death truly bad luck, or do series get better the farther they go? Read the editorial four times to find out!

TSM Episode 297: Card Game Side Quest

By Caspius
Given the choice between a dungeon hunt or a card game, the choice is clear. Card games are the laziest sort of tacked-on developer nonsense.

Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Mel take a break from the addictive podcast card game side quest and focus instead upon the podcast’s dungeon crawler block puzzle aspects. Lusi and Mel power up an ancient communication device, but SN fails to hear its call.

TSM Episode 290: Jitterbug

By Caspius
Conveniently, the car boot is large enough to store a grill, a table, an entire set of glass dinner plates, several metal cups, flatware, and a portable fire which, for reasons unclear, is located outside of the grill. Also, the car comes complete with a wardrobe, filled with hair products and unsuitable clothing.

Following the Tokyo Games Show, Lusipurr fires everyone and releases scores of jitterbugs, resulting in a curious increase in productivity, Mel prepares himself for handheld Smash Bros., and SiliconNooB realises that there is no exploration in Metro.